15 10 2011

JR Loudspeaker’s :: was started by Jim Rogers in 1977, A  partnership with George Tughan of Teletape Industries, Under the JR brand name.  They where based at 114 Ashley Rd, St Albans, Herts AL 15JR.  Jim as most people know was the founding father of Rogers Loudspeaker’s and has had his name on amplifiers, Loudspeaker’s and tuners since the forties.  He among others like Peter Walker of Quad, Dudley-Harwood of  Harbeth Speakers, Harold leak, Spencer Hughes of Spencer and Paul Voight of Lowther speakers was one of hi-fi early pioneers.

The JR149 mk1

5 11 2011

The JR149 mk1 was a speaker made of heavy gauge aluminium in a near cylinder shape witha wooden end caps on the top and bttom.It had a bolt running through from top to bottom to brace the enclosure and make the wooden end slighty concave.This eliminating flat panels.The enclosure was lined mechanically and acoustically to further reduce any chance of sound radiation from the cabinet .

IT used Kef drive unit the same as in the Ls 3/5a’s a T27 tweeter sp1032 and a b110a bass unit, sp1003. Theses where designed by Raymond cooke when he was in charge so theses speakers owe a lot to him and is associates at Kef.

The JR149 had three different crossovers .the first version without a fuse in the red logo .

The second version had a fuse in the gold a logo.

The third version was the type 24 crossover which was designed in 1991 on a square circuit board. All these where designed by Jim Rogers.

There were various accessories for the JR149 mk1 wall  hoops which were black and clamped round the base.There was also an umbarella stand which slotted together like a plant stand it was black but was not too popular as it was not very stable nevertheless a clever idea.

Jim Roger Ribbon loudspeaker

19 10 2011

Jim rogers designed a ribbon speaker which used an extremely light magnesium alloy ribbon tweeter with a frequency extension of up to 50khz which worked  within its own enclosure with a Focal 110 mm bass unit which had the magnet clamped on top and also in its own enclosure. These where the ultimate speaker that never went into production.The speakers produced a picture of sound wonderful!

Jims other products

19 10 2011

Jim Rogers  designed the JR metro which was a shoe size cabinet and finished in a grey textured finish .It used goodmans drive units and sounded very good.He also made the phobos which was a tambourine speaker which you could hang on walls.He also made a JR149 mk 3 which is owned by clive spanton. He made a mk 3 bass amp  which was 30watts for the subwoofer

and a professional Equalizer for room correction .Which i own one of 12 made.

JR150 speakers

19 10 2011

The JR 150 was the bigger brother to the JR149′s .It used two Audax bass units HD 13B 25H-2C 12  and an Audax tweeter it was not as popular as the 149′s But neverless was underated and produced a nice sound

JR subwoofer ADVERT

19 10 2011

JR subwoofer

19 10 2011

The JR subwoofer used an Audax 10″ bass unit

their was a passive version which had an adjustable sensitivity

It was braced by four rods the enclosure being made out of MDF

It looked like a larger version of the JR149′s on castors.There was also an active version which had a 25watt amp with a butterworth filter. There was also a 60watt active version with separate crossovers and amp.

Frequency range extending down to 30hz approx

power handling 100watts 60watts program

impedance nominally 8 ohms at 120hz

system resonance 42hz

dimensions 20″ x18.5inches

Weight 38.5Ib  ( 17.5KG)

The special version was 120watts x 2 separate power amp witha bessel filter fed off the pre and power amps an upgraded bass unit the Volt DVC 250.2 and used with the professional EQ .This was a product of the mars company.

Another product of the MARS company was the DW 2 subwoofer this looked like a tall JR150 .It used two seas 10″ drive units in a push pull configertion This was a passive sub so was fed off what ever amp you used in your system and the smaller speakers conected to it.


The JR 149mk2

18 10 2011


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